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Experiments in Storytelling

You know what’s interesting? Great storytelling.


It is such an exciting time to be a creator and a consumer of great stories. Storytelling is important in so many areas of our lives today beyond simply entertainment – from culture, to politics, to education and throughout commerce. If you look closely, there is a revolution going on in storytelling. Everywhere you look – mobile, VR, video, social and participatory communities, brands, etc. – you’ll see interesting things happening for storytelling. If you happen to be an actual storyteller, there really has never been a better time to be alive. Maybe 1439 was cool too, I am not sure.


I’ve spent a lot of time (starting before the formation of echoseven labs) learning about all the interesting ways people are reinventing storytelling. The challenges are more creative and user experience driven than technical. This makes it particularly interesting to me. These are the tough obstacles. It’s a different kind of magic needed.


So our first set of experiments here at echoseven labs will consider the revolution in storytelling. We are trying to take a fresh look at how others are embracing native, digital, storytelling experiences.


We are interested in exploring:


  • New formats and platforms


  • New distribution and discovery methods


  • Underrepresented audiences


  • …and anything that impacts the stories, the creators, the fans, and community


If you are curious about the topic and interested in becoming a collaborator, please let us know.


– h (@mhannus)